Daylight Saving Meets its Match as Seattle Sun Light Spa Opens this Month

As the days get shorter, things will get brighter in Bellevue as Seattle Sun Light Spa opens with a comprehensive suite of cosmetic and wellness services featuring light therapy skin and body treatments, in addition to UV-free tanning options.

The new store from the experts at Seattle Sun Tan is currently in soft opening at its flagship Bellevue location with an official grand opening planned for Tuesday, November 14, 2017. Offerings include a variety of safe and effective  light therapy and infrared spa services focused on non-invasive and proven cosmetic improvement, wellness and rejuvenation. Using the winning formula that’s driven Seattle Sun’s growth, the new store pairs automated services and delivery of advanced products with expertly trained staff, convenient drop-in scheduling and a light-labor model to keep prices competitive.

With services focused on light therapy, popular treatments include FDA-cleared Red and Blue Light Photofacials to reduce wrinkles and redness, even skin tone, and provide proven safe acne reduction for teenagers; Infrared Saunas and Wellness Pods for relaxation, pain relief and immunity-boosting; LED Body Sculpting solutions that take inches off common problem areas; and LED-activated teeth whitening.

According to Dr. Eli Kramer, an internist who extensively reviewed light therapy research, “though each person may experience different results, studies with red light therapy have demonstrated improved skin and decreased wrinkles in as few as eight sessions with marked improvement after 30 sessions. Also, blue light therapy has been shown to start decreasing acne in as few as two sessions with significant improvement after 12 sessions.”

In addition to a comprehensive suite of new, clinically validated cosmetic maintenance and spa services, customers can continue to enjoy the existing tanning services as well as a curated retail shop with a breakthrough line of skincare products. In partnership with Skin Authority, Seattle Sun Light Spa will offer a comprehensive collection of products customized per client and recommended before, during and after treatment. An in-salon Skin Authority virtual aesthetician service communicates with the My Skin Authority APP to allow for individual consultation with expert and dedicated skin care coaches both in store and on the go.

Follow along at #Brighter and #SeattleSunLightSpa or via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter @TheLightSpa.

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