Double Bluff Gets its Due

Double Bluff Beach is a dog’s dream. Recognized this month by USA Today’s among the top ten dog park’s in the country, the off-leash dog park lives on breathtaking beach with views of Seattle on a clear day and soaring bluffs landside. The four-mile round trip trail offers some exercise for all.

And when it comes to four-legged fun for Fido, this is just the beginning. Whether it’s exploring and playing or a quiet day on the golf course, it’s hard to beat life as a canine on the islands. Here is a roundup of our top choices for pet friendly, lodging, trails and more.

  • Do: Island Greens Golf offers a relaxing par 3 course that’s fit for fido and his whole family. The relaxed atmosphere is ideal for beginners or anyone looking to have fun and get some exercise.
  • Stay: Explore Deception Pass state park before settling into the nearby Coachman Inn where pets are welcome to relax alongside their owners.
  • Dine: picnic fare goes gourmet with top spots to pick up for the beach or wherever the road takes you. Pickles Deli and Whidbey Island Bagel Company welcome visitors arriving from the ferry while Camano Island Marketplace offers locally roasted coffee alongside prepared food or groceries from local bakers and farmers.

Find many more ideas for pet-friendly patios, hotels and more at

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