Party for 30: Seattle’s hottest private dining spaces

A recent project required some due diligence in finding the city’s top spots for private parties. Online research delivered few results so I thought it might benefit others to post my findings from phone calls and site visits. As follows, my top five choices for summertime fiestas of 20-30 guests:

  1. Westward. The private spaced called the Atrium morphs into an open patio in the summer months – a pro for those looking for festive seasonal ambiance, but a con for those looking to network or reconnect. Come fall, the Atrium becomes an amazing private option.
  2. The Olympic Pavilion Rooftop at Hotel Ballard. This hidden gem has been around for a while but remains under the radar as far as I’m concerned. The views are amazing, and the outdoor fireplace paired with a windowed pavilion make for the ideal transition from cocktails to dinner provided by Chef Jason Stoneburner.
  3. Percy’s patio in Ballard looks perfect for a laid back happy hour or group dinner. The cocktails are the clincher and the prices are reasonable.
  4. Little London Plane. A Pioneer Square venue is ideal for more casual events with delicious food. The views don’t match the aforementioned venues, but the food is delish and the neighborhood is very quintessential Seattle.
  5. The Cloud Room at Chop House Row. This yet-to-open space is typically only open to members but exceptions may be doable. Not much detail on the specific space, but given the credibility of this new multi-use foodie destination slated to open May 2015, it’s worth keeping an eye on.

What did I miss?

The view from Hotel Ballard's Olympic Pavilon. Courtesy

The view from Hotel Ballard’s Olympic Pavilon. Courtesy

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